How to naturally whiten your teeth?

May 19, 2018
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How to naturally whiten your teeth?

So many people spend a lot of money trying to get whiter teeth. Going for the specialist visit – can be expensive, hurtful and without any result. We are recommending to this in home. However, buying products can be a bad thing, because there can be some chemicals. Best dentist in Dublin is waiting for you to visit and see – what is the way to whiten your teeth.

Try this:

• Brushing with baking soda. Do it like you would do with the toothpaste. However, soda prevents bacteria to grow. So, it should not be use every day. Better not to leave for the night time, because it can have a big damage. It is a fact that soda whites teeth, but however, it should be done carefully.

• Use fruits and vegetables. It can be a good thing not even just for your body, but and teeth. Crunchy food will help to remove plaque away. Best dentist in Dublin recommends doing this every day and more often use strawberries and pineapple.

• Go more often to the dentist place. Tooth stain can make a big damage to your smile. So, if you are having it too often try to avoid some food and drinks. Like red wine, coffee and berries. A contact with your teeth can make yellow stains. Also, if you are trying healthy lifestyle try avoid smoking.

• Everyone knows that sugar can make a big damage, however, it is really hard to avoid this food part. Sugar makes bacteria, which prevents plaque and gingivitis. Or try more often brush your teeth after eating something with sugar.

Visit the dentist in time

Best dentist in Dublin – is a great way to avoid any health problems, which includes yellow stones. Brushing and flossing – is very important for your smile, so, try to this as often as can.