What should we know about root canals?

March 24, 2018
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What should we know about root canals?

Root canal treatment can save tooth from any damaged. So, there is no point for worrying about it, when the dentist suggests this type of the treatment. Moreover, it can be done in one or two appointments.

Why it is important to save the natural tooth?

• Normal biting and chewing. Is very important that eating or drinking would not have discomfort. However, if there are, is important to visit a dentist as soon as possible.

• Protects other teeth from any damage. If one the tooth is unhealthy, sometimes it can become an influence to others.

How to avoid the root canal treatment?

Trauma to your tooth can be caused by brushing tooth in a wrong way, if some food gets stuck or it has too much sugar. It is important to avoid food and drinks, which have overdose sugar or salt. These elements can damage teeth very easily, because they get stuck and violates the first teeth layer.

It is painful?

The first days after the treatment, the tooth can be sensitive, so it is better to be extra careful. It means that any junk food, dizzy drinks, food with sugar should be avoided. Also, the teeth treatment has to be careful and be done in the soft way. After the root canal treatment, the toothbrush has to be without any gums and has to be extra soft.

Is it expensive?

Most of the dentist visits are more than 50 euros. So before going to the dentist, check if you know the pricelist. However, this treatment most of the times cost more, so it is better to be sure how much it will cost. First of all, it is important to visit general practice consultation – to check, if the diagnose is the right one.