Reasons why stress is bad for you

June 15, 2018
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Reasons why stress is bad for you

Everyone knows that stress is bad for health. It changes our mood; sleep hours and it can affect even our relationship with others. However, sometimes just listening relaxing music does not help. Stress level can even get higher and it has more serios implication. IBS treatment or other diseases can be a result of stress.

Reasons to avoid stressful situations:

• Losing hair. If you want to have healthy, strong hair – you need to have less stress. A test was made with twins. One of twin had lower stress level and another one had higher. The twin with higher stress had hair loss.

• Belly fat. Want to get fit or even a six-pack? Again, stress can be a problem for this. What you need to do is exercising and moving more. Even more you should avoid food with too much sugar or salt. Stressful situations make to want sugar and fat even more. IBS treatment will help to get healthy again.

• Memory. Want remember everything? Try to exercise your mind and head. Read books, do sudoku and other hobbies. It will help to avoid stressful situations, which cause damaging memory.
• Aging. For sure stress affect telomere length, which makes your skin, hair greyer. If you want to save your natural beauty, you need to avoid or work with stress. Sometimes even finding new hobby can save from getting older.

• Heart attacks. Having bad mood, eating junk food and drinks can make a bigger risk of heart attack. If you want to live a longer life, you have to leave your stressful job. IBS treatment can help to save your live.

Love yourself

The most important thing is to treat yourself good. After work day try to do you yoga and other relaxing activities. Anxiety, tired, sick – everything is caused by stress.