How to play games online and earn money?

July 28, 2017
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Recently I started to pay attention to games online. The main reason was – ability to earn money. I thought, why not to try, coz lots of my friends already tried and most of them succeed. So, I started to search information about various gaming platforms and gonna share this information with you.

Best way to earn money is live stream games

The main principle how it works: you playing game and the whole world with their stream accounts could watch. Your task and job is to build big watchers audience. It’s kinda hard, but possible – and after that you can make a living form it.

Another option – making video about games.

Sure, first you should know something about online gaming industry. Best practice shows that some tips and hacks are really appreciated. For that kind of content u get more views – so it means more dollars to your credit card. Of course, I’m talking about hundred thousand or million views. On the other hand – cool and useful information about online gaming is very relevant, so it’s not gonna be that hard. Keep in mind that yours auditory is whole world.

Betting for games

That also related with online gaming. If you don’t know how to play – choose your hero player and bet for it. I know it’s very catchy thing and could be azartic, but from my point of view it’s best option. Why? Coz u don’t need to be expert and could earn money just sitting in your home.

Hope you enjoyed my points!