What parts does a good betting website review have?

January 27, 2017
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Good betting websites can be a little hard to find. After all, how can you know if they are legit? That’s why it’s recommended to read at least a few reviews of the website before you join it.


What should be in a review?

A proper bet website review should have at least 5 parts:

  • discussion about reputation: here you can find out whether the website is legit or not, can you trust it with your money;
  • Betting options: on what can you bet? Are the chips, tokens, roulette, or can you bet on CSGO, LOL teams to win?
  • Bonuses: what help can you use? Maybe there are some promo or affiliate codes that allow you to get a little bit more money for your bet?
  • Deposit methods: do you have to link up your PayPal or bank account to bet? Can you make more than one buy-in? Some websites also use in-game items, for example CSGO skins as a deposit.
  • Customer service: can you expect support to help you when you have issues, or are you on your own? Do you have to write an email, or would a Twitter DM suffice?


Additional parts

There are cases when some reviews can have more parts, like this one. You can see that the author also discussed how nicely the website looks when using his mobile browser, also wrote about betting odds.


Many review websites don’t even have the required review parts, which makes it harder to decide about using specific website. That is why you should always check one or two reviews, just to be sure.