When it is necessary to visit a dentist?

April 20, 2018
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When it is necessary to visit a dentist?

Teeth are a part of your beauty. More importantly, without them we would be unable to live a normal life. If you fail to visit a specialist, for example dentist Sandyford, on time, you might condemn yourself to life with no teeth. That means no solid food and a lot of discomfort, pain. So, what are the situations when visiting a dentist is your only option?


A little ache doesn’t require urgent medical attention. But if you can’t think, sleep, eat, work because of the overwhelming pain, stop relying on pain medication. Seek help as fast as you can. Pain can be a symptom of very serious problems.

Broken, loose or knocked out tooth

There can be some microscopic changes that have almost no effect to your oral health. However, if you just lost your tooth or have a part of it broken, don’t waste time. The good news is that some specialists, e. g. dentist Sandyford, work even on Saturdays. If you just had a little accident, hurry up and have your beautiful smile back.

Puffy gum, bright red color of gum

Swollen gum really requires your attention. The thing is, gum swelling can mean gingivitis or periodontitis. If it is not treated on time, you can just lose your teeth. The same goes for the red color. It’s even worse if your gums are bleeding persistently.

What is not an emergency?

Sometimes before seeing your appointed dentist you can wait. This is the case if you notice some small chips or nearly invisible cracks on your teeth, the gums are bleeding a bit only when you are brushing your teeth. An appointment is not urgent when you are feeling just a dull toothache. Search for dentist Sandyford with no alert if you lost a crown or a bridge of a tooth.

It is always advisable to have the specialist chosen before any emergency situations occur. This way you can get help faster and, in many cases, cheaper. Don’t forget to visit your dentist at least once a year for a regular check-up. Teeth care is not difficult, you just have to find the best specialist and methods.