Make it easier for yourself – tooth removal

January 23, 2018
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Make it easier for yourself – tooth removal

You cannot ever be safe from tooth removal. It happens to everyone: some teeth have to be removed when they cannot be saved or when you want to have a perfect smile. For example, when you decide to go for braces in order to have straight teeth. Some people do not have enough free space in the mouth for this and it comes to that there is only one way out. Oral surgeon in Dublin suggests: do not panic and be prepared for it:

  • For sure – it will hurt. So before the operation – take some pain pills. Some people make the mistake and think that the medication at the dentist’s place will be enough. Well, it is NOT. Even if you forget to take it – drink it as fast as possible after the procedure. Do not forget there are limits for it, so check how many pills you can take in 24 hours. You can ask your oral surgeon in Dublin clinic that you visit for specifics.

  • Safe and fast trip home – this has to be prepared. If you do not have a car – ask for your family members or friends to give a ride, if nobody can help, go with a taxi. This is important, because you have to take care of yourself. Catching a cold and getting sick can complicate everything. And for sure you will not want to drive yourself, because of the chance of a possible car accident.

  • The mouth heals faster when you are younger. So put this in your to-do-list at the very beginning. It is not a lie that it hurts. A LOT. But it heals faster and after one week you will probably forget about it. Do not rush it, but make it your priority. Check where the clinics which have an oral surgeon in Dublin are. Sometimes on the website, there are special offers, which could save your money.

If you hear that you need a teeth removal, it is not a death prediction. Stay calm and check how you can help yourself to make it as smooth as possible. Pain pills, a ride home and planning beforehand will save you from the unexpected.